Arabic Degree Online

Arabic Degrees Online

What is Arabic?

Students who major in Arabic study the Arabic language as well as the cultures of the Arabic-speaking people. These students learn how to fluently read, speak, and write Modern Standard Arabic. They also study Arabic literature, including the Qur’an, the history of the region, business, economics, and technology.

Is Arabic a Good Major / Degree for Me?

Do you enjoy learning about foreign languages and cultures? Would you enjoy the challenge of learning a complex language? Are you looking for an academically rigorous major? Would you like to travel to and spend time in the Middle East? Do you have a good memory? Do you enjoy research? Do you like history? If so, a degree in Arabic might be for you!

High School Classes Needed for an Arabic Degree in College:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 4 Math Credits
  • 3 Science Credits
  • 3 Social Studies Credits
  • At least 2 Foreign Language Credits
  • If your high school offers any of the following courses, take advantage!
    • AP World History
    • Arabic
    • Latin
    • Geography
    • Sociology
  • If your high school offers any of the following co-curricular activities, take advantage!
    • Civil Rights Team
    • Foreign Language Club
    • Debate Team

Common Arabic Courses in College:

  • Arabic (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Arabic Composition and Conversation
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Arabic Sirah
  • Classical Arabic Literature
  • Classical Arabic Poetry
  • Colloquial Arabic
  • Comparative Politics
  • Comparative Religion
  • Contemporary Arabic Media
  • Hadith Sciences
  • Islamic History: 1492 to Present
  • Islamic History: 7th Century to 1492
  • Islamic Law: History and Development
  • Islamic Law: Prayer and Fasting
  • Islamic Law: Zakat and Pilgrimage
  • Islamic Theology
  • Linguistics
  • Methods in Translation
  • Muslim Apologia
  • Muslims in America
  • Mystical Arabic Literature
  • Qur’anic Narratives
  • Qur’anic Sciences
  • Rhetoric

Similar Degree Programs You Might Want to Explore:

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  • Linguistics: the scientific study of language and its structure
  • Near and Middle Eastern Studies: the study of the societies, economics, and cultures of Northern Africa and the Middle East
  • Peace Studies: the study of war, conflict, peace, and nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Political Science: the study of government and politics
  • Sociology: the study of societies and human social behavior
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Arabic Careers:

Many students who earn Arabic degrees go on to work as translators, sometimes for the government. Some go to work for the U.S. Foreign Service. Some go into journalism. There are many career opportunities for people with the skills developed through this major.