Environmental Studies Degree Online

Environmental Studies Degrees Online

What is Environmental Studies?

An Environmental Studies degree program combines the sciences and the humanities to analyze, understand, and solve environmental problems. Imagine a science major with an equal focus on social studies. This major is relatively new and is still evolving. The specifics differ from school to school, but most programs have a focus on how individuals and communities can best help, preserve, and protect the environment.

Is Environmental Studies a Good Major / Degree for Me?

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you think green? Do you like being involved in the community, both the local community and the global community? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Do you enjoy hands-on learning? Are you a creative and critical thinker? Do you enjoy working with other people? Are you a strong communicator? If you answered yes to some of these questions, then a degree in Environmental Studies might be for you!

High School Classes Needed for an Environmental Studies Degree in College:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 4 Math Credits
  • 4 Lab Science Credits
  • 3 Social Studies Credits
  • 2 Foreign Language Credits
  • If your high school offers any of the following courses, take advantage!
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP U.S. Government and Politics
    • AP U.S. History

Common Environmental Studies Courses in College:

  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Energy and Power
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Politics
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Ethics
  • Geology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Statistics
  • Wildlife Management
  • World Religions

Similar Degree Programs You Might Want to Explore:

  • Geology: they scientific study of the earth
  • Environmental Engineering: a major that prepares students to design, create, and implement practical solutions to environmental problems
  • Environmental Science: a course of study that combines all of the sciences to study and solve environmental problems
  • Marine Biology: the study of the plants and animals that live in or near the ocean
  • Oceanography: the study of the oceans, including biology, chemistry, physics, and geology
  • Parks and Recreations: a course of study that explores how and why people interact with the outdoors, and how to manage these people and natural resources
  • Peace Studies: the study of war, conflict, peace, and nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Political Science: the study of government and politics
  • Wildlife and Wilderness Management: a course of study that combines all of the sciences to manage plants and animals
  • Zoology: the scientific study of animals

Environmental Studies Careers:

Wherever there is concern about the environment, there is likely a career opportunity for an ambitious person with an Environmental Studies degree. Individual communities, state governments, small businesses, and large corporations are all reaching out for help to do things better. One might find employment as a consultant, in management, or even as a lobbyist. By the time you’ve earned your degree, new careers will have been born.