Historic Preservation Degree Online

What is Historic Preservation?

Historic Preservation students learn how to restore and preserve historic buildings, landmarks, and areas. Students working towards degrees in Historic Preservation study history and architecture as well as the nuts and bolts of how to preserve and maintain old structures. Many programs place an emphasis on community development.

Different schools offer different levels of Historic Preservation training, from certificate programs to graduate degree programs.

Is Historic Preservation a Good Major / Degree for Me?

Do you watch the History Channel? Do you think it’s important to remember the past? Do you enjoy a good mystery? Do you enjoy research? Do you like to go to museums? Are you interested in antiques? If you’ve answered yes to some of these questions, then Historic Preservation might be the major for you!

High School Classes Needed for a Historic Preservation Degree in College:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 3 Math Credits
  • 3 Science Credits
  • 3 Social Studies Credits
  • 2 Foreign Language Credits
  • If your high school offers the following courses, take advantage!
    • AP U.S. History
    • AP Art History
    • AP World History
    • Visual Arts
  • If your high school offers the following co-curricular opportunities, take advantage!
    • Speech Team
    • Student Government

Common Historic Preservation Courses in College:

  • American Architecture
  • Architectural Glass Preservation
  • Cemetery Preservation
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Historic Paint Analysis
  • Landscape Preservation
  • Material Culture
  • The National Register of Historic Places
  • Preservation Construction
  • Preservation Economics
  • Preservation Law
  • Preservation Management
  • Preservation Planning
  • Preservation Research
  • Preservation Technology

Many schools require an internship.

Similar Degree Programs You Might Want to Explore:

  • Anthropology: the study of human beings
  • Archaeology: the study of the history of societies
  • Architecture: the art and science of designing and erecting buildings
  • Art History: the study of the history of art
  • History: the study of the past
  • Museum Studies: a course of study that prepares students for careers as curators
  • Sociology: the study of societies and of human social behavior

Historic Preservation Careers:

Students who earn degrees in Historic Preservation can go on to work as independent consultants or for preservation organizations. Some work at or manage museums or historic sites. Some become involved in community planning and revitalization.