Religious Studies Degree Online

What is Religious Studies?

Students who major in Religious Studies explore and examine the many religions and spiritual practices of the societies of the world. Students study the art, history, sociology, and philosophy of different religions.

Is Religious Studies a Good Major / Degree for Me?

Are you fascinated by other cultures? Are you interested in religion? Do you love to read? Do you enjoy philosophy? Are you ready to learn a second language? Do you enjoy classroom discussions? Do you enjoy doing research? Are you comfortable trying to answer questions that might not have one correct answer? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then a degree in Religious Studies might be in your future!

High School Classes Needed for a Religious Studies Degree in College:

  • 4 English Credits
  • 3 Math Credits
  • 3 Science Credits
  • 3 Social Studies Credits
  • 2 Foreign Language Credits
  • If your high school offers the following classes, take advantage!
    • AP English Language
    • AP English Literature
    • AP World History
    • AP Art History
    • Anthropology
    • Sociology
  • If your high school offers the following co-curricular opportunities, take advantage!
    • Student Government
    • Civil Rights Team

Common Religious Studies Courses in College:

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Christology
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Native American Spirituality
  • The New Testament
  • The Old Testament
  • Philosophy
  • Religion and Art
  • Religion and Culture
  • Religions of Africa
  • Religions of China
  • Sociology

Similar Degree Programs You Might Want to Explore:

  • Anthropology: the study of humankind, societies, and cultures
  • History: the study of the past
  • Pastoral Ministries: a course of study that prepares students to serve as pastors
  • Peace Studies: the study of war, conflict, peace, and nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Philosophy: the study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, and conduct
  • Sociology: the study of societies and human social behavior
  • Theology: the study of God and of religious belief, usually with a focus on Christianity
  • Urban Ministries: a course of study that prepares students to serve and minister to people in heavily populated (and often underserved) areas
  • Youth Ministries: a course of study that prepares students to serve and minister to young people

Religious Studies Careers:

Contrary to what some assume, those who major in Religious Studies don’t necessary go on to be priests or pastors (though of course it’s possible). Those who earn degrees in Religious Studies have an excellent understanding of world cultures and societies, and can serve as government employees, cultural consultants, social workers, museum staff, and non-profit administrators. Many Religious Studies majors go into humanitarian work after they graduate. And of course, some go on to graduate school.