What Can You Do with a Fashion Merchandising Degree?

Radek, what jobs can you get with a Fashion Merchandising Degree? Iā€™m wondering, what can I do with a Fashion Merchandising Degree?

Often, when people hear ā€œfashion merchandising degree,ā€ they immediately think of fashion designers, but not all fashion merchandising majors go on to become fashion designers, in part because competition is quite keen for fashion designing jobs.

Many fashion merchandising majors go into retail, and many go into art and design. Others become buyers and merchandisers within the fashion industry. Some with an artful eye become visual merchandisers, creating the displays that keep potential buyers from walking by. Still others go into marketing or advertising. Some become copywriters, fashion writers, or fashion editors.

And some fashion merchandising majors dream big and open their own boutique, perhaps even featuring their own designs. This is an incredibly competitive market, however.

Jobs will be more plentiful in New York and California than in other areas of the country.

Careers you can get with a degree in fashion merchandising include:

  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Buyer
  • Costumer
  • Department Manager
  • Fashion Advertising Director
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Editor
  • Fashion Event Coordinators
  • Import / Export Specialist
  • Internet Retailer
  • Manufacturer Representative
  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Representative
  • Media Sales Executive
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Pattern Maker
  • Product Coordinator
  • Product Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Retail Manager
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Textile Designer
  • Textile Merchandising Executive
  • Textile Testing Specialist
  • Visual Merchandiser
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Emily Anonymous

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you can do many different things with a fashion merchandising degree, the question is…..what are your chances of getting hired? the number of jobs in fashion has decreased and become so slim, especially in our economy right now…… the fashion industry is overdosingly competitive and a slap in the face, and it’s every girls dream job because it’s an exciting industry, there are more college applicants available than jobs….

Daniel M

Actually Emily Anonymous, you might want to remain anonymous after that post. Mainly because it is a biased filled comment lacking in facts. I recently received my degree in fashion merchandising from USC and I got a job paying 17.50 an hour starting for American Apparel as a women’s wear coordinator. There are a lot of jobs available in the fashion market, but never the less it is a competitive market. Just like every other one.


Congratulations! I graduate this year…Its good to know theres hope for us out there šŸ™‚


hello fashion merchandising is a career isn’t it? or just a degree? how much time did it take you?
im from outside the us but i’m planning to go study fashion merchandising at philaU , after high school.
should i do it right after high school or do i have to study another thing before that?


Just out of curiosity, if you don’t mind answering my question, you graduated from USC as in Southern California or South Carolina?


Congrats! But to be honest yes the degree is great, but in the end with this industry its hard to get those high paying jobs. Ive done so many internships and what Ive learned is that its all about who you know and moving from the bottom up with or without a degree. I get paid 23 and hr in retail as a manager and my friend is getting paid more with a less demanding job title and doesn’t have a degree at all. I have one degree from fidm and am working on my BA from a public University. Did you go to USC in southern CA??? How was the program? I’m thinking of going to a different school because its hard getting classes


That’s what i’m afraid of, so you are saying that just sons of rich or famous people get a job in this field?…. Or if you prepare good enough you could get a very good job as well?


Don’t let things like the economy discourage you. Although yes jobs are slim in the “HIGH” fashion industry there are always jobs working for companies who do uniforms or work in major textiles. Everyone things of this degree and wants vogue, but the reality is that people in this field must look elsewhere you’re either going to work in New York, Miami, California OR move to Europe where people don’t care how much money they have to spend to look good. But don’t let the economy discourage you. People ALWAYS want to look good for someone. šŸ™‚


I think that if it’s your dream & passion then you should follow that no matter what. Letting things like the state of the economy or the location in which you want to live or have a career from, should be a lot less of a problem. Those things can and always will be changing. Fashion has remained profitable & seemingly important & ever lasting no matter the time period or the financial state the country is in.

It’s a hard thing to ignore what you are meant to do, & I’m quickly learning that myself, as i have always been into fashion and designing whether it be clothing or architecture or even interior design. I keep trying to pull away from it because as already mentioned it’s a tough industry to do well in, & I want a steady job that will help me support my family and do well in the future. But no matter what else I look into, I am constantly wandering back to my drawing board, constantly sketching and taking notes of things that catch my eye or ideas for a new outfit.

I guess if it means that much to you, you’ll find a way. (:


I HAVE SUCH A PASSION FOR FASHION! and have worked for american eagle outfitters for around 6 years now, but do not know where to fly from here. I want school! WHAT IS A GOOD MERCHANDISING SCHOOL FOR ME TO ATTEND? šŸ™‚ I travel between Pittsburgh & Raleigh but am open to anywhere!


One of the best schools in the country for fashion merchandising is FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC.


The best college in North Carolina Is Meredith. It is an all girl school and it is in Raleigh. It’s number one in North Carolina and number three on the east coast. And they have great internships


I am 25 years old from New Jersey and I am going into my second semester toward a Fashion Merchandising Degree. The positive is, I am close to New York, where job opportunities for a Fashion Degree are most prominent, however I am worried about wasting my time and energy in such a competitive market. I started my college career late but it has always been my dream to work in fashion retail. I hope to establish a successful career but the hard truth is, I may have to settle for a job position in New Jersey where options are limited and bring home very little pay. I worked as a full time sales rep for Verizon and was making 18.50/hr without a degree but my passion for the fashion retail industry took over me and I am now working towards my dream. If I end up taking a retail management position with a degree as a fashion merchandiser will I be selling myself short? Will the pay allow me live comfortably? So many questions…my head is spinning! lol


This was kinda helpful for me, cause I was starting to doubt my career choice of Fashion Merchandising. I am currently in my second semester at FIT and kept thinking to myself, “is this really going to get me a good paying job that I like?” but now I am more confident that it will, especially since I love fashion and really want to stick to it. It helped to hear that some of you are successful in the field and are encouraging šŸ™‚ Nice to know that there are several jobs out there, although I know it will be competitive. It’s just reassuring for me that at least there’s a glimmer of hope.

kimberly cuellar

hi im kimberly and im really intrested in that school could u tell me all about it and is it hard to get in to that school becuase im from california


I just enrolled in Fashion Merchandising Management at Southern New Hampshire University. I am only going to get this degree for one thing: I am a blog writer, and soon to be business owner who wants to be more qualified for my undertaking. I do not care about the jobs that others may have available, I am creating my own by opening my own boutique in my hometown and delivering something that we simply lack around here. Not everyone is going to do well as an entrepreneur, but I knew this was my calling. My interests are so diverse, this one crossed them over very well. I was previously a Paralegal Studies major, but I knew the opportunity was not one I was all to interested in after almost finishing it and realizing how unhappy I would be in the career. So, I took my love of law, politics, and business, and put them with my artistic interests and fashion forwardness, and came up with this. I’m sure I’ll draw quite a good clientele because my hometown is very fashion-forward, and shopping is one of those things that people around here just do. I hear complaints about there not being enough feminine, up-to-date fashion clothing stores in the immediate area, and people having to travel just to find it. People around here want to stay up with current trends, AND look more feminine in the process. I will hopefully be able to deliver that. First though, get the education that will help make that a possibility šŸ™‚ So I’m at square one, and I don’t need a fancy degree, hopefully my business will expand nationwide, but I will take baby steps first. Good luck to you all and do not lose hope!


I just graduated with a BA fashion merchandising degree and was wondering what is a good starting pay for me plus 3years of retail experiences. I’m negotiating for a starting pay as a part time sale associate position that they have to offer. What pay per hour do u suggest is reasonable?


Hello! I was thinking of going to FIDM for fashion merchandising. Would you reccomend FIT better? I am currently at a community college working on my associates in retail and consumer science that transfers to a four year university to get my Bach. I’ve just been thinking I’m wasting my time and I should just go straight to a FIDM of FIT? Please help.


Hi, I hope somebody can help me. I’m in high school and next year i’ll be finished, i really love fashion bit my parents don’t support me with that idea, they said i wouldn’t find a job if i study that. Is it true that just sons of rich or famous people get a job in fashion?…. And do you have several opportunities of jobs? And how’s your salary?
Pleaseeeee, need and answer

Dante Sands

Hi, Guys my name is Dante’ Fashion is something that you need to have to a passion for yes a lot of people do go into fashion now a days because fashion is becoming more and more better every day some people lend on fashion because they think its easy its not easy at all. Fashion has always been about Art and having a Eye for it and most of all your personality because those 3 factors are what’s going to lead you into having a name in Fashion I heard somebody say that it’s about “who you know to get you where you want to be” not exactly do you know why? because when a person go into fashion they should have the dream to make it big they should reach high for there dreams and goals. If your different? have a unique style have a great mind and personality people will notice you and when people start to notice you they give you more because they see you really are GREAT at this! So no matter what career path you go into for fashion remember its not about just dressing and saying oh im here make me famous its about passion, dreams, personality’s, courage, great mind, and being different! I have no degree in anything yet i’m starting college late but as i was growing up i was all of those things and now im all of those things and lots more and im only 19 so can you imagine when i get a degree where i am going to be? Don’t get your minds twisted up in saying oh but im so far away from new york or CA! or Paris because im actually from new york and i moved to AZ recently and my goals and my career are still amazing. Its not about where you are its about who you are! I do photography, design, acting, and singing, my website is down right now but maybe ill come back and post it so you guys can see!


Hello! I’m not sure If I should go into Merchandising and Design for my major or just business and take a few fashion classes as an elective. I live in a small town and I hate to have to move away just to find a job. I’m confused as to what I should do and it’s so stressful!


Hi guys, I know you have all heard about how hard the industry is, well it comes down to the facts
> The fashion industry in Europe is #1. They aren’t about the brands there, just about the overall design…. Have skills? Move to Paris or London… Start a business and you’re off!!!

>> as my college professor tells me; put up ads looking for models, sewers and photographer (or use some friends if you’re on a budget) people will come out.. Take 2 models, 2 sewers and a photographer.. Have the sewers sew some of your designs to the models measurements, take some pictures.. Put the word out!!!! Make an etsy account… Put ads in magazines, on websites, flyers using the pics.. Find a rentable space with a design studio up top and a boutique space below… Decorate with some cheap furniture, put giant pics of your models up and have your sewer make different sizes of your designs…. Have a big opening and boom you can start paying rent, employees, etc..

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