What Can You Do with a Food Science Degree?

Radek, what jobs can you get with a Food Science Degree? I’m wondering, what can I do with a Food Science Degree?

People need to eat. This is good news for those holding degrees in Food Science. This means that there are job opportunities in all the food industries, at all levels, even when the economy isn’t in great shape. Food Science graduates can find work in research, product development, manufacturing, processing, marketing, sales, quality assurance, safety testing, and even packaging.

Potential employers include: food processing plants, food manufacturing plants, food ingredient suppliers, food equipment suppliers, food container manufacturers, retail stores, restaurants, farms, academic institutions, and the government.

For more information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the BLS, job growth among food scientists, should be faster than the average for all occupations, and employment opportunities should be good. Job growth will be driven, in part, by an increased public awareness of diet, health, and food safety.

Careers you can get with a degree in Food Science include:

  • Food Chemist (may require advanced degree)
  • Food Engineer (may require advanced degree)
  • Food Inspector
  • Food Packaging Expert
  • Food Retailer
  • Food Scientist
  • Food Technologist
  • Food Wholesaler
  • Process Engineer
  • Product Demo Coordinator
  • Product Development Scientist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Research Scientist (may require advanced degree)
  • Research Technician
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