What Can You Do with an Arabic Degree?

Radek, what jobs can you get with an Arabic degree? I’m wondering, what can I do with an Arabic degree?

What does one do with a degree in Arabic? Arabic, of course! Arabic is one of the world’s most-used languages and people who become experts in it can find employment in several areas.

The U.S. government employs people skilled in Arabic, with opportunities ranging from U.S. Foreign Service to homeland security. Many Arabic majors go to work as translators or interpreters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for interpreters and translators will continue to grow, with a strong demand for translators of Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.

Some who earn degrees in Arabic become ESL (English as Second Language) teachers. Some work with immigration services. Others work in public administration and public policy. Some work for international businesses.

Careers you can get with a degree in Arabic include:

  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Translator
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